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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RMAN-05001 resolution with both db_file_name_convert and NOFILENAMECHECK

If you are experiencing RMAN-05001: auxiliary filename conflicts with a file used by the target database, then you may be confused as I was about how to proceed. If you are converting ALL files from various locations to new locations, then use db_file_name_convert. If you want to retain the exact same locations with no conversion, you use NOFILENAMECHECK. But what if you want to convert some, and not convert others? I was not sure whether NOFILENAMECHECK would then override db_file_name_convert, but it turns out that you can use both in concert. For those files that are in the same location, it will not complain, but the others that you want to convert will be converted properly from the db_file_name_convert entries in your pfile. Nice.

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