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Thursday, August 6, 2009

How do I apply metric thresholds to multiple databases in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)?

I am very much a command line junkie, but have been warming up to Oracle Enterprise Manager quite a bit lately. My ol' monitoring toolbox of scripts are getting good competition from the performance tab, with the advent of active session history graphing, and being able to look at the state of a database at prior moments in the past. That said, there was one thing that took me way too long to figure out this morning. I simply wanted to change a metric warning and critical threshold on Process Limit Usage (%) and apply it to about 20 databases. No big deal. However, I could not do it through any of the related links on the database home page. Googling for related keywords yielded no direct hits. (If you are reading this from a Google search, then you owe me $42.6 billion dollars). Let me introduce you to OEM Monitoring Templates.

From OEM (Tested on EM 10g):

1. Click the small "Setup" link in the upper righthand corner

2. From the vertical navigation bar, click Monitoring Templates

3. Click "Create". Click the little flashlight to search for a target that you are going to use to build your metrics template from and click "Continue".

4. Choose a name for the template, and click on Metric Thresholds. You can modify the values here that have been copied from your target. What I did was chose "Select All" and then unselected the Metric and values I wanted to add to all databases, and clicked the "Remove Metrics from Template" button. Then I Hit "OK".

5. Here is where it gets can compare this template against your hosts by clicking "Compare Settings", to diff them before you blindly apply it to your entire set of DBs. Very Nice. Click OK when you are done.

6. You should be back on the "Monitoring Templates" screen where you can now click "Apply" to apply this template to various targets.

It would be nice to have this a bit more visible from within OEM. But then again it kinda makes me excited about finding new nuggets of simplification. Like a scavenger hunt, I guess...sort of?...nevermind.

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